No More Pain

I was scared because my dad had two knees replaced, my son had
one, and my mom had one knee replaced and that wasn’t for me. After treatment, I am now walking on my knee with 
no pain whatsoever.

I came to LifeWorks with chronic back pain and sciatic issues. I am an ex-dancer, a mom, and a wife and it was affecting
my quality of life. Through the course of care things have improved dramatically!!!
I don’t have chronic back pain anymore and I can do things now with my son and husband, again.

Chronic Pain Gone

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About the Author
Dr. Gianforte specializes in the functional medicine approach to ensure each of his patient’s are healed from the inside out from: digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, allergies, auto-immune conditions, weight loss and metabolic dysfunction. He believes that healing comes from within and finding the underlying cause of the problem is the key to achieving optimal health.

Dr. Matthew Gianforte, DC

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